The project leading to this application has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon
2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 667387

Participation in specific trainings

Trainings on Project Management aspects:

Open Access Training 20.07.2018: Also, in order to raise awareness of the SupraChem Lab team words project management and exigencies in modem projects management a training dealing with the importance and how to address the Open Access tools in European project have been organised in ICMPP on 20.07.2018: "Valorization and dissemination of scientific results applying principles and practices of Sciences, Access and Open Data". The course was offered by Mr. Nicolaie Constantinescu, the Romanian National Representative for the Open Access Office established within the project (, a project that supports the Open Access policies of the European Commission.


Participation in Science Leadership Workshop and World Science Forum, Budapest, Hungary, 19-23 November 2019

Dr Adina Coroaba have participate at the Science Leadership Workshop and World Science Forum which were held in Budapest, Hungary, 19-23 November 2019. The World Science Forum is a prestigious meeting which is focused to foster and maintain a dialogue between the scientific community, society, policy-makers, and industry. It is organized by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in partnership with United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), the International Council for Science (ICSU) and the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). The topic of the Forum in 2019 was Science, Ethics and Responsibility.

The Science Leadership Workshop gathered nearly 40 young scientists and scholars from 23 countries participated in a 1.5-day (19-20 November) science leadership workshop, co-organized by the Global Young Academy (GYA), the InterAcademy Partnership (IAP), and the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. The workshop was focused on creative leadership, problem-solving and communication skills, enabling participants to harness the knowledge of a diverse group, and arrive at complex solutions. Also, the participation at the Science Leadership Workshop gave me the possibility to meet young scientist from all over the world and to establish new friendships and collaborations.

Training on Financial and Legal aspects in Horizon 2020 projects, 06.12.2019, Bucharest

Ec. Claudia Tomulescu, the new Financial Manager of the SupraChem Lab project (who replace ec Lucia Mocanu retreated 2018) has participate in The Communication Campaign Worksop – Financial and Legal Aspects in H2020 projects ,  workshop organised by the Romanian Ministry of Research with the participation of EC Financial and Legal Officers. The main discussions topics were: (a) H2020 model Grant Agreements; (b) Personnel cost calculation and types of staff contracts; (c) Additional remuneration and Direct costs; (d) Third parties and subcontracting aspects in H2020 projects; (e) Synergies with other grants.
An important aspect of the meeting was that the speakers were all Romanian origin and experts in the National Romanian Legislations, so all presentations were presented in direct connection with the Romanian financial legislation
The participant number was of 150 persons from all over Romania and the workshop was broadcast on-line by facility on the Romanian National Authority for Scientific Research on-line channel.

Participation in specific trainings

  1. Participant: Dr. Adina Coroaba

Workshop: 8th biennial workshop 2016 European Surface Analysis Users Meeting, Manchester UK
Stage: 5 days
Period: 08.05 - 12.05.2016
Host: Kratos Analytical Ltd, Manchester, UK
Training and research topic: Dynamic Interactive Systems for Constitutional Water and Ion Channels
Summary of participation:
At this meeting Dr. Coroaba attended at the presentations and posters in the field of Quantitative imaging using AXIS instruments and Calibration routines for the DLD workshops. The workshop has put together XPS users representing 35 institutions.

  1. Participant: Dr. Mihaela Silion

Workshop: The powerful Mass spectrometry in Food, Environmental and Forensic New challenges in compliance with legislation, Bucharest, Romania
Stage: 2 days
Period: 18.05 - 19.05.2016
Host: SCIENT Romanian Instrumental Research Center, Ilfov, Romania
Training and research topic: Dynamic Interactive Systems for Constitutional Water and Ion Channels
Summary of participation:
Matrix Effects in Mass Spectrometry Combined with Separation Methods — Comparison HPLC, GC and Discussion on Methods to Control these Effects