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Networking events organised in ICMPP

Networking events organised in ICMPP
Info Day ”Horizon 2020 Communication Campaign”, Iasi, Palace of Culture

Due to the important number of registrations and to the strategic importance of the Info Day ”Horizon 2020 Communication Campaign” meeting was organised at the Palace of Culture, Iasi  on March 21, 2017. The meeting was part of the EC D&I campaign of information / communication entitled "H2020 Communication Campaign". The overall objective of the campaign was to train and to prevent financial and legal errors in project management and to discuss national peculiarities.


Agenda of the Info Day”Horizon 2020 Communication Campaign”

The speakers were:

  • Ms Cristina Anania, Legal and Financial Romanian NCP
  • Ms. Simona-Maria STAICU, legal officer, Unit DG RTD.J1 Common Legal Support Service
  • Mr. Gheorghe BANCOS, auditor, Unit DG RTD.J2 Common Audit Service

The main discussions topics were: (a) H2020 model Grant Agreements; (b) Personnel cost calculation and types of staff contracts; (c) Additional remuneration and Direct costs; (d) Third parties and subcontracting aspects in H2020 projects; (e) Synergies with other grants.
An important aspect of the meeting was that the speakers were all Romanian origin and experts in the National Romanian Legislations, so all presentations were presented in direct connection with the Romanian financial legislation
The participant number was of 150 persons from all over Romania and the workshop was broadcast on-line by facility on the Romanian National Authority for Scientific Research on-line channel.
The opening of the workshop was made by Dr. Mihai Chirica Mayor of Iasi, Acad Bogdan C Simionescu Vice president of the Romanian Academy and SupraChem Lab IAB member, Dr. Lacramioara Stratulat Director of the Palace of Culture and Dr. Mariana Pinteala SupraChem Lab Project Coordinator.
The high audience of the meeting and the strategic importance of the speakers as well as others key personalities involved in H2020 (and FP) program in Romania that have participate at the meeting were a perfect ground for networking with researchers  from all over Romania.

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Description: Description: D:\My Documents\Desktop\Suprachem-raport-2017em\poze-diseminare\palat\networking2.jpg Intellectual Property Management in Horizon 2020
The workshop on Intellectual Property Management in Horizon 2020 was organized on22.03.2017, in the Conference Room of „P. Poni” Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry, Iasi, Romania.
The event was addressing to the beneficiaries of European Grants, to representatives of the network of national contact points for the Horizon 2020 framework program and to those interested in managing intellectual property (IP) and intellectual property rights (IPR) issues. This event was also broadcasted on-line on facility on the Romanian National Authority for Scientific Research on-line channel.
The main speakers were: Mr Jörg Scherer – Head of Communication & Training European IPR Helpdesk / CEO Eurice GmbH – IP Management in Horizon 2020 and Claire Fentsch European IPR Helpdesk – Training and Awareness Raising Activities European IPR Helpdesk who made a clear overview of the main issues related to the IPR aspects in H2020 projects as well as of the main tools that H2020 beneficiaries can access in order to address IPR aspects.
During the meeting Dr. Teodora Rusu SupraChem Lab Project Manager made a presentation of the SupraChem Lab project and on the main IPR issue that were encountered up to now in the project. Dr. Raluca Andone, legal advisor in ICMPP also presented general aspects related to Intellectual Property Rights in the institute and Dr. Magdalena Aflori Project manager of the Structural Founds Project: “Partnerships for knowledge transfer in the field of polymer materials used in biomedical engineering” made a presentation on IPR aspects related to Structural Founds Projects.
The total number of participants were 85 persons from different institutions (academic and non-academic) from Iasi and the NE Romanian Region. The meeting was a very useful Workshop both from the point of view of information acquired but also from the point of view of networking.

Agenda of the Intellectual Property Management in Horizon 2020



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