The project leading to this application has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon
2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 667387

Participation in networking events

1. Horizon 2020 Workshop Spreading Excellence and Widening Participation &
Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions
, 27.10.2015, Sofia, Bulgaria

Description: Commission and EURAXESS Bulgaria organized a Horizon 2020 workshop "Spreading Excellence and Widening Participation" which was held on 27.10.2015 at the Sofia Hotel Balkan.
The objective of the workshop was to increase the success rate of Bulgarian institutions in their applications for funding under Horizon 2020. Experts were provided an overview of funding opportunities and provided insights on how to draft successful proposals. Question and answer sessions were foreseen throughout the day
During the event, Dr Teodora Rusu have discussed with different participants in the workshop in order to present the SupraChem Lab Project and also to network with different possible future partners. In the afternoon section: How to write a successful proposal! ERA Chairs instrument organized by Dr. Monica Alexandru, Dr T. Rusu has presented the SupraChem Lab Project as an example of good practice.

2. The ERA Chair Coordinators’ Day, 9 December 2015, Brussels Belgium

The meeting started with a networking dinner for FP7 and Horizon 2020 ERA Chairs’ projects representatives that take place on Tuesday, 8th December 2015 and was a first opportunity to network and shear experience between the first ERA CHAIR projects (the pilot action under FP) and the new wave of projects under FP7.
The following day the official meeting started with some lessons learnt from the FP7 - ERA Chairs moderated by Adeline KROLL, DG RTD B5 presented by Nuno NUNES - Coordinator of LEAPFROG, Portugal and Mary O'CONNOR - ERA Chair holder of CEITEC-ERA, Czech Republic. Afterwards several procedures regarding the implementation and reporting in Horizon 2020 were discussed in details. Bilateral meeting between coordinators &mangers with the project officer were also a very fruitful tool for networking and share knowledge. The SupraChem Lab Project was represented at this meeting by Dr. Mariana Pinteala (project coordinator) and Dr. Rusu Teodora (project manager).

3. International Cooperation; Vector for development – Round Table organized by
Europe Enterprise Network
, 18.02.2016, Iasi, Romania

Dr. Rodinel Ardeleanu represented the SuparChem Lab Project to the round table organized by NE Romanian Region Contact Point of Europe Enterprise Network together with the Technology Transfer and Innovation Agency Chisinau, the Republic of Moldavia. The meeting was a good opportunity to network with different key players of the innovation from the Romanian Nord Est region and from the Republic of Moldavia

4. H2020 COORDINATORS' DAY Amendments / Reporting and Payments
24 February 2016, Brussels, Belgium

Dr. Rusu Teodora has participated to the H2020 Coordinators Day organised by DG Research and Innovation. The meeting was an open forum for project coordinators to learn more on: amendments, legal basis and the Business Process and IT Tool, Participant's Guarantee Fund; Reporting & payments, Legal Basis and Business Process and IT Tool; Model Grant Agreement / Financial Issues. All presentations have been made by relevant representatives of DG RTD and the participants have also had a good opportunity to network and share experience between them or to ask clarifications from de Commission staff concerning all specific aspects of project life cycle.

5. Info Day - Horizon 2020 Communication Campaign
Friday March 4, 2016
Bucharest University of Economic Studies,
Faculty of Administration and Public Management

The Romanian National Authority for Scientific Research and Innovation in collaboration with the European Commission and the Academy of Economic Studies, Faculty of Public Administration and Management has organised on March 4, 2016 a campaign of information / communication entitled "H2020 Communication Campaign". The overall objective of the campaign was to train and to prevent financial and legal errors in project management and discuss national peculiarities. The SupraChem Lab Project was represented by Dr. Teodora Rusu (Project Manager), Dr. Raluca And one (Lawyer) and ec. Lucia Mocanu (Financial Manager). The Info Day was a very useful tool to better understand legal and financial aspect in the implementation of the Horizon 2020 projects. The Info day also offer a personalized support for Romanian applicants in Horizon 2020 and the participation of European Commission (DG RTD) experts was very useful.
At the end of the event, Dr. Teodora Rusu has contact Cristina Anania (the Romanian NCP on Legal and Financial aspect – the Romanian organisation of the event) and both have decided that a similar event will be also organised in Iasi in Spring 2017 within the framework of networking activities of the SupraChem Lab Project.

6. Spreading Excellence and Widening Participation in Horizon 2020

Friday 8th April 2016, Brussels, Belgium
Dr. Pinteala Mariana and Dr. Teodora Rusu have participated in the Info day organized by DG R&I together with REA concerning the 2016 Call of Spreading Excellence and Widening Participation in Horizon 2020 Program. The Info day was honored by the opening of Peter DRÖLL, Director, European Commission, DG Research and Innovation and by the presentations made by Dimitri CORPAKIS, Head of Unit, DG RTD and Peter Van der ZANDT, Head of Unit, REA that made a clear Widening - general overview.
The presentations that fallowed on the future call represented a very good and useful tool for future application on Teaming or Twining projects. During the brakes the participants have been offer a good opportunity to share opinions and to network between them

7. European Parliament Public Hearing, ECR group

Closing the success gap in R&I Framework Programmes
29.06.2016, European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium 

Dr. Teodora Rusu was invited to participate in the Public Hearing related to the results of recent studies that indicate an increasing divide between EU13 and EU15 with respect to the possibilities to participate in R&I Framework Programmes and actions necessary to close the gap. Speakers, scientists with a solid experience in coordination and management of EU funded projects, have presented their projects and have share their insights on encountered difficulties and structural problems preventing scientists from Description: 20160629_113844EU-13 to fully participate R&I Framework Programmes.