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B. Tissue Engineering and Non-viral Gene Vectors Department
D. Molecular Modeling Department

  • Dr. Mihai Mareş; e-mail:
  • Dr. Adrian Fifere; e-mail:
  • Dr. Alexandru Rotaru; e-mail:
  • Dr. Stelian Maier; e-mail:
  • Dr. Teodora Rusu; e-mail:
  • Drd. Narcisa Marangoci; e-mail:
  • Ph.D. Student Bogdan Minea; e-mail:
  • Ph.D. Student Natalia Simionescu; e-mail:

- four fully equipped laboratories as ISO 7 and ISO 8 level clean rooms ;
- low temperatures storage equipments (-45, -86, -150 ° C);
- ultrapure water preparing system;
- microbiological hoods;
- freeze-dryer;
- gas systems for N2, O2, CO2, Ar, compressed dry air;
- class II, type A biosafety cabinets working within an ISO 7 level clean room;
- class III biosafety cabinet with N2 and CO2 controlled atmosphere;
- facilities and equipment for sterile preparation;
- sterilization systems;
- autoclaves for cell culture destruction at the end of experiments.

  • HPC Dell POWEREDGE cluster with InfiniBand links;
  • open source software applications (GROMACS v4.5.4, GAMESS);
  • Cryostat for Standard Applications in the Clinical Histopathology Laboratory Leica CM1850, Leica Microsystems;
  • Cell/Tissue processing which includes: SLEE MTP carousel tissue processor; SLEE MPS/P dispensing unit; SLEE MPS/W prewarming unit; SLEE MPS/C cold plate; CUT 6062 Fully automatic precision microtome; SLEE MST stretching table; SLEE MWB Floating Bath; SLEE MSM carousel tissue stainer;

  • VD 53 Vacuum drying oven for non-flammable solvents, BINDER;
  • Horizontal laminar flow workstation, Microflow;
  • Microflow vertical laminar flow and peroxide class II workstation;
  • Freeze Dryer ALPHA 1-4 LD plus, Martin Christ;
  • Veriti® 96-Well Thermal Cycler for PCR, Applied Biosystems;
  • Avanti J-30I High-Performance Centrifuge System, Beckman Coulter;
  • Constant climate chamber with humidity KBF 240, BINDER;
  • CB 150 CO2 incubator with additional process controls, BINDER;
  • Platilab Vertical Freezer 340SV/V-3-STD -86°C, Angelantoni Industry;
  • Platilab Vertical Freezer 340SV/V-3-STD -45°C, Angelantoni Industry;
  • SANYO MDF-1156ATN -152°C Ultra-Low Temperature Chest Freezer;
  • Ultrapure water system TKA GenPure UF/UV 08.2204, Thermo Scientific;
  • Cyclon Ultrapure Water Still, Fistreem;
  • Biostator B plus autoclavable bioreactor, Sartorius Stedim biotech;
  • Invitrogen-Countess automatic cell counter;

  • Leica DM 2500 microscope with Bright Field, Dark Field, Phase Contrast, Polarised Light and Differential Interference Contrast. The microscope has a Leica DFC425 C Digital 5 Megapixel color microscope camera with active cooling system;
  • Leica DMI3000 B inverted microscope with integrated modulation and phase contrast methods that do not require the use of special objectives. The microscope has an attached Pecon Incubation System O2-CO2-°C – Leica and a Leica DFC425 C Digital 5 Megapixel color microscope camera with active cooling system;
  • Chirascan-plus circular dichroism spectrometer, Applied Photophysics;

  • Flexar HPLC system, Perkin Elmer;
  • One-rack Foxy R1 fraction collector, Teledyne ISCO;
  • AMA 260 BT-AVC 001 vertical vacuum autoclave, Astell Scientific;
  • AMB 440 BT horizontal autoclave, Astell Scientific;
  • ED 53 Drying oven with natural convection, BINDER;
  • FD 53 Heating oven with mechanical convection, BINDER;
  • Experion Automated Electrophoresis System for protein, DNA/RNA, Bio-Rad;
  • Unimax 1010 shaker with the Heidolph Inkubator 1000, Heidolph;
  • Waterbath WNE 14, Memmert.

  • Supercomputer

    Person in charge: Dr. Adrian Fifere

    Dr. Adrian Fifere – Experimental and theoretical by means of molecular modeling study of supramolecular compounds formed by polymers or macrocyclic hosts molecules and biologically active molecules (drugs) as guests. The method calculations involved are in general based on semi-empirical, ab Initio Hartree-Fock and DFT calculation.

    The cluster contains 9 servers Dell PowerEdge R510, each of them in configuration:

    • 9 Intel Xeon Processor E5645 (2 CPU; 6 cores, 2.4 GHz);
    • 8 GB RAM in each server;
    • 10x 300GB SAS 15K hard drives configured in 2 x 300GB in RAID1 the rest for storage;

    The nodes are interconnected with:

    • 10GB SFp+ Switch and Dual 10GB SFP+ NIC configured for a 40Gbit/s speed full duplex;
    • 1GB Switch and 1GB NIC for communication between the nodes.

    The system is backed-up by a 10KVA UPS and administered from a 17” KVM console.

    • Gaussian 09 version with TCP Linda Single Machine License for Linux.

    Liquid Chromatography HPLC

    Person in charge: Dr. Alexandru Rotaru

    Dr. Alexandru Rotaru – Chemical engineer; bachelor degree in Chemical Engineering and Environmental Chemistry; masters and PhD degree in Organic Chemistry at „Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iasi, Romania. Postdoctoral study (2 years) in DNA Chemistry at Heidelberg University, Germany. Postdoctoral study (4 years) in DNA Nanotechnology at Center for DNA Nanotechnology within Aarhus University, Denmark. Currently I’m employed as Experienced Researcher within EU STREAM Project at “Petru Poni” Institute of Macromolecular Science, Iasi, Romania.
    Fields of interest: Organic Synthesis, DNA Chemistry, DNA nanostructures, Metal nanoparticles and nanoparticles conjugates, Surface analysis of nanostructures and nanoparticles.

    FLEXAR HPLC it is used to separate a mixture of compounds in analytical chemistry and biochemistry with the purpose of identifying, quantifying and purifying the individual components of the mixture.

    • Flexar Quaternary LC binary pump;
    • Flexar Refractive Index LC Detector and DAD Detector;
    • Autosampler;
    • Foxy R1 fraction collector;
    • Special software Size Exclusion;
    • Software Chromera.


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