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A. Chemical Synthesis and Biosynthesis Department          Back

  • Dr. Adrian Fifere; e-mail:
  • Dr. Anamaria Angheluţă; e-mail:
  • Dr. Leonard Ignat; e-mail:
  • Dr. Mauruşa Ignat; e-mail:
  • Dr. Alexandru Rotaru; e-mail:
  • Ph.D. Student Narcisa Marangoci; e-mail:
  • Ph.D. Student Ioan Andrei Dascalu; e-mail:
  • Ph.D. Student Ioana-Maria Simionca; e-mail:
  • Ph.D. Student Cristina Mariana Urîtu; e-mail:

- three fully equipped laboratories with specific equipment for organic and macromolecular synthesis at micro-, mini- and large-scale;
- the whole set of synthesis monitoring and instrumental control.

Particle size and Z potential measurements by DLS

Person in charge: Dr. Anamaria Angheluţă

Dr. Anamaria Angheluta – works in the company since 2005; fields of interest: the synthesis and characterization of new magnetic particles with different functional groups; gained experience in the synthesis of core-shell magnetic particles (core: magnetite, shell: compounds with Si) and on the characterization methods specific for magnetic materials (FT-IR, TGA, magnetic properties, morphology studies, rheology studies, etc.); experience also in dimensional and zeta potential measurements.
In the Centre of Advanced Research in Nanobioconjugates and Biopolymers, “Petru Poni” Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry is installed a DelsaNano C analyzer coupled with an Autotitrator DelsaNanoAT module, having the following characteristics:
  • Types of measurements: particle size, zeta potential and molecular weight;
  • The particle size range: 0.6nm-7 mm;
  • Scope for zeta potential: 0.6 nm - 30 mm;
  • The field for molecular weight: 1000 - 3x107 Daltons;
  • Test concentration: 10 ppm - 40%.

The device has several types of cells, each used for specific determinations. In the table below are presented all cell types currently available for this device and the type of determination.


Type of determination

Size Cell

particle size in aqueous solutions and organic solvents

Flow Cell

size and zeta potential of particles in dilute aqueous solutions

High Concentration Cell

zeta potential of particles in concentrated aqueous solutions

Flat Surface Cell

zeta potential in films

Low conductivity zeta cell

zeta potential of particles in organic solvents

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