About DynaCoPlat




         The next level in Drug Discovery is the easy building and self-generation of multifunctional nanostructures from commercially available or “easy to prepare” units, which will further self-assemble in a complex, tunable and multifunctional materials, suitable for very specific targeted drug delivery. In this regard, DynaCoPlat project’s main objective is to create dynamic nanoplatforms for developing dynamic systems for enhanced multivalent biorecognition with applications in targeted drug delivery. Project’s subject “the development of efficient nucleic acid targeted delivery systems” addresses the thematic priorities of the National Development Plan 2014-2020 programs (PN III) and Horizon 2020 strategy. The project will adopt modern synthetic pathways for preparing dynamic nanoplatforms with self-assembly properties based on dynamic chemistry and combinatorial methodology. The simplicity of the synthetic constitutional strategy using accessible and simple building blocks for facile self-generated nanoplatforms, presenting synergistic DNA and cell membrane affinities, can be considered as a valuable path toward the systematic discovery of active delivery systems. An important issue we aim to address is establishing a methodology for labelling of nanoplatforms with targeting molecules and achieve successful targeting property via introduction of selective cellular markers, thus increasing the efficacy and reducing the overall toxicity of therapeutic agents. On the other side, the STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE of DynaCoPlat project is the formation and consolidation of a young multidisciplinary team of researchers with complementary knowledge and experience, able to increase their scientific visibility and integration into scientific environment by publishing the results in high impact journals and application to competitions within the national and European Framework (H2020, Era-Net, Euronanomed, etc.).