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Financing source: Executive Agency for Higher Education, Research, Development and Innovation Funding (UEFISCDI)

Biologically Inspired Systems for Engineered Structural and Functional Entities


Code : PN-II-ID-PCCE-2011-2-0028 / Contract nr. 4/2012

Scientific domain: LS9 Applied life sciences and biotechnology

LS9_10 Biomimetics


The project aims to study, to develop and to preliminary test biomimetic structural and functional entities, able to act as gene transfection vehicles of non-viral type, and having a DNA packaging capacity of about 2 รท 5 kilobases. The main features of these entities are: (i) the general structure of a polyplex, (ii) the functionality of a cargo-complex that chemomimic the histones, morphomimic the nucleosome and biomimic a virus like gene vector, (iii) the ability to include or to reversibly bind and transport (bio)chemical species necessary to assist the DNA vehiculation and trafficking, (iv) are based on fullerene-rich polymers and / or dendrimers, (v) the capacity to associate to artificial extracellular matrices, in order to generate gene delivery systems with transfection ability, for ex vivo applications. The developed entities will represent effective tools in genetic and tissue engineering, useful in health restoration, life quality enhancement, and to cure tissue and human organism deficiencies. The envisioned engineering strategy to build biomimetic entities may sustain a spin-off type transfer of knowledge towards hi-tech application areas, with a clear echo in clinics and, finally, in human health. The project involves seven complementary teams hosted by four research and academic institutions. In equilibrated ratios, senior, young and junior researchers will collaborate inside the project frame.


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