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The scientific results obtained during 2018
in the frame of PN-III-P4-ID-PCCF-2016-0050 project (Contract nr 4/2018)

Indicators to be achieved versus Achieved indicators
- Scientific report
- Financial report
- scientific papers: 2
- published/accepted/send for publication papers: 4

[1] Cioaca G., Pinteala M., Bacaita E.S., Oprea I., Crumpei Tanase I., Volovat S.R., Dragan V.S., Trocaru S., Anton C., Nonlinear Behaviors in Gene Therapy: Theoretical and experimental aspects, Materiale Plastice, 2018, 55(3), 340-343; http://www.revmaterialeplastice.ro (IF: 1.248) (Published).

[2] Ma C., Laaksonen A., Liu C., Lu X., Ji X.,The peculiar effect of water on ionic liquids and deep eutectic solvents, Chem Soc Rev, 2018, 47, 8685-8720; DOI: 10.1039/C8CS00325D (IF: 40.182) (Published).

[3] Angeli A., Pinteala M., Maier S.S., Del Preted S., Capasso C., Simionescu B.C., Supuran C.T., Inhibition of bacterial α-, β- and γ-class carbonic anhydrases with selenazoles incorporating benzenesulfonamide moieties, Journal of Enzyme Inhibition and Medical Chemistry, (IF: 2.332) (Accepted).

[4] Iacob M., Racles C., Dascalu M., Tugui C., Lozan V.I., Cazacu M., Nanomaterials Developed by Processing Iron Coordination Compounds for Biomedical Application, Journal of Nanomaterials (IF: 2.207) (Open access, review. In revision.).

- book chapters: 1

[1] Fossepre M., Leherte L., Laaksonen A., Vercauteren D.P., Understanding the Structure and Dynamics of Small Peptides and Proteins Through the Lens of Network Science, in Biomolecular Simulations in Structure-Based Drug Discovery, (Editors: Cervasion F.L. & Spiwok V.), Wiley-VCH Verlag (2018).

- participation in conferences / symposiums: 2

- participation in conferences / symposiums: 4

[1] Pinteala M., Nanoparticles in Theragnostics Approach: Synthesis, Structure, Particularities; Nuclear Medicine Days, Iasi, Romania, 1-4 November 2018 (Invited Conference Presentation).

[2] Bucatariu S., Constantin M., Fundueanu G., pH/temperature-sensitive microgels for self-regulated drug delivery systems, 4-th International Conference on Chemical Engineering, Iasi, Romania, 31 October - 02 November 2018 (Oral Presentation).

[3] Racles C., Cazacu M., Zaltariov M., Iacob M., Butnaru M., Siloxane-based compounds with tailored surface properties for health and environment, International Conference On Phosphorus, Boron And Silicon, PBSi 2018, Barcelona, Spain, December 10-12 (Oral Presentation).

[4] Ailiesei L.G., Cianga L., Bendrea A.D., Hitruc E.G., Cianga I., What link can NMR Spectroscopy have with AFM Microscopy? – Unraveling complex configurational and supramolecular organization in conjugated polymers, Chem 2018 - Chemistry Faculty Conference, IASI, 25-26 October, 2018 (Oral communication).

- Training session/research stays: 1

- Training sessions/stays: 7

[1] Prof. Francesca Mocci, University of Cagliari, Italy in “Petru Poni” Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry, 4- 25 September 2018; Invited Trainer.

[2] Prof. Francesca Mocci, University of Cagliari, Italy in “Petru Poni” Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry, 31 October- 4 December 2018; Invited Trainer.

[3] Dr. Narcisa Marangoci, Institute of Polymer Research Dresden, Germany, 22-30 November, 2018; Short Stay.

[4] Dr. Anca Bendrea, Universitat Politecnica de Catalunia, Departament d'Enginerya Quimica and Barcelona Research Center for Multiscale Science and Engineering (Prof. Carlos Aleman, Prof. Elaine Armelin, Barcelona, 30 October-9 November 2018; Training Session.

[5] Dr. Mariana Pinteala, Dr. Stelian Maier, Acad. Bogdan C. Simionescu, University of Firenze, Italy, 4 September-12 September 2018; Short Stays.

- workshop: 1

-Workshop: 1

[1] Dr. Mariana Pinteala, IMAGO-MOL Cluster Meeting: 2nd Meeting of the Working Group on the Establishment of the National Center for Nuclear Medicine. Presentation, and signing of the Nuclear Medicine Consortium Memorandum, 03 November 2018, Iași, Romania.

- Group meetings between partners

- Three working meetings to establish the communication pathways, and working strategies.

- Prof. Aatto Laaksonen, the project director, has held scientific meetings with each partner teams, leading to intermediate and final scientific reports.

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Petru Poni




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